How to payout affiliates

Lot of our customers are unsure if they are paying their affiliates out correctly, so here is a short description on how to do that.

Step zero
Before doing anything, you should check if your settings are proper - check if your payout balance is set to proper values. This is used for affiliates to choose on what level they want to be paid out.
Then, check if your payout options are defined properly as that is the way you will pay out our affiliates. All these settings you can find in main menu in Configuration section:

Step two
Navigate to main menu, to Payouts> Pay affiliates . Here you can see a list of all affiliates who made any commission. (If you want to filter only the affiliates who reached their minimum payout balance then use the Advanced search button and turn on the option of "Show only those affiliates that reached minimum payout amount" and hit Search).
The important thing is to have all the necessary data from your affiliates. No data can be missing, neither payout method, nor payout data:

If this is missing, you have to contact your affiliate to ask them to specify missing data in their account.

Step three
If all payout data for your affiliate are set properly, you can pay one affiliate only or your can pay them all. In case you want to
 pay just one affiliate, click dollar sign in Actions.

In case you want to pay them all, you can even use Mass payout option. Select all affiliates you want to pay at once and click button "Label as paid":

In both cases you will see this window (if Mass payout export format is defined - see ):

In top fields you can set a note for you and for affiliate(s), set custom date range to be displayed on the invoice as the date range the commissions were paid for. You can even notify the affiliate(s) by an email that they have been paid. 
You can even have the invoices to be generated to be delivered to both you (the merchant) and affiliate(s) via email.
Once you hit "Label as paid payment" the commissions involved in the payout will be marked as paid. 
NOTE: If there is a cron job running regarding your installation of Post Affiliate Pro (Network) then the statistics data after payout will be updated with a few minutes of delay (at most up to 30 minutes).
At this point you have to navigate to Payouts > Overview > Payouts history and there you will see the list of existing (accomplished) payouts. You have to click the "E" icon next to the desired payout in order to export the payout details to a .csv file so that you can import that .csv file into your payment gateway and accomplish a real mass payout (send money to the affiliates involved in the payout).

No mass import allowed
In case your payment gateway do not support mass payouts or import of mass payout files, you will need to pay affiliates one by one. In that case, you won't need any mass payout format defined.

You can define the invoice format as well. This has to be done in the merchant panel at  Configuration > Invoice format.
If you allow generating invoices, the invoice will be generated for every payment you make. Both affiliate and you will be able to check the invoice at the payouts history section.