Mass pay export format

Define mass pay export format

You can define export format for each payout option. Go to Configuration > Payout Options to see all payout options you have in your system. Select one and click the Edit icon. There is a Mass pay export format section at the bottom of the 'Edit payout option' window.

Here you can specify the name and format of the mass pay export file for this payout option. When you pay click the 'Label as paid' button at Payouts > Pay affiliates  you will be able to download the export file for each payout option.
Format of this file consists of three parts: header, row and footer template. Header is at the beginning of the file, row is generated for each affiliate that is going to be paid and footer is at the end of the file. In each of this templates you can use Smarty syntax and the row template allows you also to use some other variables. List of supported template variables is visible in the listbox above the row template text area.

Examples of export formats for most popular services:
- if you copy & paste these examples make sure that the variable names used in the export format match the variables you use in your payout option


Export file row template:
Paypal export format example for users that migrated from PAP3:
Export filename:
Export file row template:
Note: You need to have field data11 defined in payout option fields. (or you need to use different code you use for webmoney id)

Export file footer template:

! {$alertpay} code can differ, this is the code name you defined in payout option for AlertPay !


Advanced work with the export file content

As the section for export file content is processed by Smarty, you can use Smarty functions in it to achieve advanced results. For example, if you wanted to promote one payment method over another, you could add e.g. 10% more commission. Or in another case you know you have to reduce some kind of a fee for each payment in a specific payment method so you could subtract it from the due amount. In both cases the Smarty function would be {math}. This is the example of giving 10% bonus commission:

{$firstname} {$lastname},{$username},{$amount},{math equation="x * koef" x=$amount koef=1.1 format="%.2f"}

Download mass pay export file

Mass Pay export file can be downloaded after you pay your affiliates. Go to Reports > Payouts history > MassPay export files. Here you will see a list of used payment methods for which you can download export file.