General callback URL

Post Affiliate Pro allows you to define a general callback URL that is executed after each tracked commission of type Sale or Action. To configure the Callback URL, navigate in the merchant panel to Configuration > Tracking settings, and click on the Callback URL field in the Callback tracking section.

A new window will appear where you can input the URL and its associated query string parameters (GET parameters). Post Affiliate Pro offers you the ability to use variables to include details about the tracked sale/action. These variables can be found in the "Insert variable" drop-down menu.

You can also set whether the URL should be executed for each tier commission or just once for the tracked sale/action. Additionally, you can decide if the callback should be executed even if the tracked commission(s) are automatically declined by the fraud protection or not.

Note that this general callback URL is executed on each tracked sale/action. If you need to set up a callback URL that is executed for a tracked sale/action referred by a specific affiliate, please refer to this article instead.

Post Affiliate Pro also provides an option to trigger a callback URL following a successful affiliate signup. This option can be found in the After signup section in Configuration > Affiliate signup. For more information, see this article.