Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes

The Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes feature enables the affiliates to use their own tracking codes for sales (or to have any code executed once they refer a sale). You can activate this feature in your merchant panel Start->Features->Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes and after this feature is activated, the affiliates can specify some action tracking codes in Promotion -> Campaigns -> Action 'Edit Tracking codes' (the pencil icon). These codes need to be valid javascript codes or a call-back URL.

Each tracking code has to be approved by the merchant (Affiliates -> Affiliate tracking codes) before it is used. After a referred sale the approved code is executed in the thank you page.

Warning: Affiliate tracking codes may damage your thank you page. Approve them only after good consideration.
Note: For version and older, this feature can be used only with the JavaScript version of sale tracking code
It also disables offline transaction processing (cron job processing of visits), so all sales/leads (and clicks connected with these sales/leads) will be tracked online (immediately, not postponed) which may slow down your site performance in case you have a heavy-traffic site. 
Note 2: For customers using a hosted (SaaS) solution of Post Affiliate Pro or Post Affiliate Network on only the "Call URL from server" option is available.
Note 3: The "Execute JavaScript in client's browser" and "Show HTML in client's browser" options require the JavaScript version of Sale Tracking code to be used in the thank you page
If you have the Split Commissions feature active, the 'Affiliate Sale Tracking Code' will be executed for all affiliates.

Example Scenario:

There is a merchant having numerous affiliates. And e.g. there are affiliates ā€žGā€œ and ā€žYā€œ, who would like to track the sales made through  their link/banner placed on their site  on their own (so that it is forwarded to kind of their own script), so right at the time when a sale referred by them is accomplished a code would be executed towards them in the form of a 'hidden pixel', 'JavaScript' or  'call-back url'.


Available variables in the Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes: