Lifetime referrals manager

This feature allows you to manage lifetime relations between your affiliates and customers created by our Lifetime Commissions plugin directly in your merchant panel interface.

Activating the feature

To activate this feature open your merchant panel, navigate to Configuration->Features->Lifetime referrals manager feature and click activate button next to it to activate it. (If you haven't purchased this feature yet you will see buy feature option instead of activate button.)

Using the feature

After you activate the feature your merchant panel will be reloaded. Then navigate to Affiliates menu and you will see a new option called Lifetime referrals. Click on it to open Lifetime referrals manager.



Adding new lifetime referral record

If there are no lifetime referral relations tracked by our Lifetime Commissions plugin in your Post Affiliate Pro account, this page will just show error message No data loaded. If you want to add a new relation manually, simply click on Add lifetime relation button to create a new record manually.


Lifetime referral fields

There are five fields you can define in each lifetime referral record: 
  1. Identifier -> Mandatory field. It contains unique customer identifier that is passed in one of the custom data field parameters of your sale/lead tracking code which you defined in the Lifetime Commissions plugin configuration.
  2. Affiliate -> Mandatory field. Affiliate that should receive all commissions for defined identifier.
  3. Campaign -> Optional field. Can be used to assign lifetime referral to specific campaign in your Post Affiliate Pro. If it's not defined campaign will be recognized by other methods. (List of all methods of campaign recognition can be found here)
  4. Banner -> Optional field. Can be used to assign lifetime referral to specific banner in your Post Affiliate Pro. (banner is one of the methods of campaign recognition)
  5. Channel -> Optional field. Can be used to assign lifetime referral to specific affiliate channel. Detailed info about channels, how they work and how to use them can be found in this guide.​

Editing/deleting existing lifetime referral records

To edit existing Lifetime referral record simply click on the pencil icon in the Actions column. To delete a record click on the X button in the actions column.


Editing/deleting multiple records at the same time

You can edit multiple identifiers or affiliates by clicking on the actual value of the field in the list of referrals. After you change it a new button Save modified rows will appear under the list. Clicking it will save all edited values at once.
To delete multiple records at the same time check the box in front of the records that you want to delete and then click Delete button located above the lifetime referrals list.