Understanding Click Commissions in the Commissions List

As a user, you might come across click commissions with different values in the commission list and wonder why is that. This article aims to explain the reasons behind this and provide you with a better understanding of how click commissions are displayed in the commission list.


Click commissions in the commissions list for the same day, same IP, same affiliate, and the same banner are summed up in order to avoid the database from growing too large. This is done for optimization reasons and to prevent creating multiple rows in the transaction list.

For instance, if you provide $0.01 per click and a particular customer clicks the same banner of Test Affiliate 10 times in a day, then in the commission list, you will see a $0.1 click commission associated with that customer's IP and Test Affiliate.


What factors are considered while grouping click commissions?

If the click is within the same day (according to server time), it compares the following factors:

  • Account
  • Affiliate
  • Campaign
  • Banner
  • Parent banner (if it is through the rotator)
  • Country code (if using GeoIP)
  • Channel

Clicks with empty values are also grouped. For example, a click with an empty banner or channel will be grouped only with another click with an empty banner or channel. This means that only clicks with the same data are grouped, including the same campaign, affiliate, banner, etc.