Transactions & Payouts

Canceling recurring commissions

If you want to cancel recurring commission you have to delete it from Transactions> Recurring transactions in merchant panel. If you use PayPal or WorldPay, or any other payment gateway based on sending IPN, you do not need to do anything - all is done automatically. Recurring and also cancellation of recurring commission is done automatically by payment processor so you even do not need to setup Recurring commission feature.

Is it possible to manually create a recurring commission?

Yes, this scenario is possible the following way: 1) set up a cron job -> more info in _Tools > Integration > Cron job integration_. 2) activate the "Recurring commissions" feature at _Configuration > Features > Recurring Commissions_ 3) Set up a recurring commission in a campaign ( for any 'per sale' or 'per action' type of commission. 4) Afterwards, navigate to _Transactions >...

Why do I see 'Banner deleted' message in a transaction?

The "Banner deleted" message may occur in a transaction in the following cases: 1) The transaction was added manually through the merchant panel or imported/uploaded ( from a .csv file 2) The campaign id was explicitly defined in the sale tracking code 3) A simple affiliate link (not a banner) was used to get to the merchant's e-commerce page 4) The product purchased matched a different campaign than...

Why do I see different click commissions in the commission list?

Click commissions in the Commission list for the same day, same IP, same affiliate, and the same banner are summed up in order to avoid the database grow too large. So, if you provide $0.01 per click and a particular customer clicks the same banner of Test Affiliate in a day 10x, then in the commission list, you will see regarding the customer's IP $0.1 click commission associated with Test Affiliate.

What is the Referrer in the list of Commissions?

As you may have noticed, there is a possibility to show additional columns at Transactions > Commissions via the "Edit view" option. There are many columns and among them, there is also the "Referrer" column. The Referrer column contains the HTTP_REFERRER ( that identifies the page from which the customer proceeded to the thank you (order confirmation) page in which the sale tracking code (

When the email Invoice and On payout is sent

In the email templates there you can find the template of email called Affiliate - Invoice and Affiliate - On payout. The email Affiliate - On payout is sent always when you label some commission of an affiliate as paid. The affiliate will get notification that his commissions has been paid. If you want to send also the invoice, you need to specify its format in Configuration>Invoice format. When you label a commissions as paid, check the checkbox "Send generated invoices to affiliate"...

How to payout affiliates

Many of our customers are unsure if they are paying their affiliates out correctly, so here is a short description on how to do it. Step one Before anything else you should check if your settings are correct - check if your Payouts Balance is set with the right values. This is used for affiliates to choose on what level they want to be paid out. After that check if your payout options are defined properly as there are methods how you will pay your affiliates. In Payout Options you can edit ...

How to correctly setup EU VAT invoices

Post Affiliate Pro has a special setting to support VAT. You can activate it in the Configuration> VAT Handling section. The application will then activate a section in each affiliate's account where they can choose if they want to use VAT in their invoices or not. In case they want to use it, they will be able to define their VAT percentage and their VAT ID. When paying out your affiliates, Post Affiliate Pro will generate a different invoice for VAT and non-VAT affiliates. Nevertheless, ...