How can i send an email to a specific group of affiliates

If you want to send a mass email to a specific group of affiliates you will need to navigate to Emails> Send Message in your Merchant panel. Then click on Define another filter as showed in the screenshot below. Now you are in the Affiliate Manager and you will need to click on the advanced filter. Now click on "Add custom filter field", to choose the parameter, which will be used for selecting the desired affiliates. Here you can choose it. Then please save the filter and...

How to add affiliates from other affiliate softwares to Post Affiliate Pro

There are 4 ways how to do it: 1. they can sign up at your new signup page (it comes with Post Affiliate Pro ( 2. you can add them one by one in the merchant panel (Affiliates -> Affiliates manager -> Add affiliate) 3. you can import them from a CSV file via Affiliates->Affiliates manager->Import Affiliates. 4. use the API function to create affiliates (you can utilize it with your own php code that reads the affiliate...

How to assign non-referred affiliates to a specific affiliate

If you wish the non-referred affiliates to be assigned to a specific (default) affiliate, then do the following: - in the merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Affiliate signup > Assign non-referred affiliate to (section) > from the drop-down menu choose the desired affiliate > click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

How can I charge my affiliates a signup fee?

If you want to charge your affiliates a fee to become approved in your program, then you'll need to use Post Affiliate Pro with some kind of 3rd party membership software, such as "Amember", or have them pay a one time fee with something like a PayPal button for example. Using Amember We have an integration method for Amember that automatically registers affiliates into Post Affiliate Pro after they pay the signup fee at your Amember site. Check it out here: https://www.postaffiliatepro....

Why I can sometimes see "Parent affiliate" in signup page and sometimes not

This is not a bug. It is caused by cookies. Let me explain it to you. What is this field good for? When user Michael comes to signup page to become an affiliate John, he/she is usually recommended by existing affiliate. And when John wants to have his own affiliate tree, John wants to become a parent of Michael. To achieve this, there is an option to fill this field up with affiliates ID so affiliate become a parent of new user. This can be done in two ways - * first - you can do ...

Why the 'Parent affiliate' field does not show up when editing an affiliate?

The only reason why there is no "Parent affiliate" field when you are trying to edit some affiliate in the merchant pane, is this: At Start > Configuration > Affiliate signup > Fields (tab) the 'parentuserid' field is set to "Disabled". As soon as you set it to any other option and click "Save" at the very bottom of that page and refresh the application (CTRL+F5), the 'Parent affiliate' field will show up in the Details (tab) when editing an affiliate.

How can an affiliate get direct sub-affiliate

Post Affiliate Pro supports multiple tiers of affiliates which means that each affiliate can be placed in an affiliate tree. Affiliate can be both a parent and a child of some other affiliates. The advantage of being parent to somebody is that if there are tier commissions set up, you will get a commission not only from your directly referred sales, but also from sales referred by your sub-affiliates/childs. More about multi-tier commissions can be found here (

Is it possible to recover the deleted affiliates?

Before deleting any data in Post Affiliate Pro, you are asked if you really want to do that. This warning is there because there is no way of getting the deleted data back.

How to set/modify parent affiliate

If you need to modify parent affiliate or you want to manually add new affiliate and set it as a child of some of your existing affiliates, you need to follow these few steps. First of all, you should check your signup settings - if you set parentaffiliateid to be hidden, you need to temporarily set it to optional (or mandatory). You can find this setting in Configuration> Affiliate signup> "Fields" tab Do not forget to save your changes. Now, in affiliate details you can set/chan...