How to disable tracking of impressions?

If you do not wish to track impressions, then do the following:
- in the merchant panel navigate to Configuration > Banners & Links Formats
- in the section of 'Select Banner or Link' you will see 3 banner formats -- those are the only ones tracking impressions
- click e.g. "Text link format" and you will see the code that rigs up the text-link type of banners
- remove the {$impression_track} variable from the code and click Save.
From this time on there will be no impression tracking script in the banners generated in the affiliate panel. 
NOTE: the already published banners on websites of affiliates will have to be either replaced with the re-generated banner codes found in the affiliate panel, or the affiliates can manually remove the 
<img src='URL_TO_PAP/scripts/imp.php?a_aid=testaff&a_bid=11110001' width='1' height='1' border='0'>
part of code from the code of the published banners.