Templating system in PAP

How to work with templates?

When you want to customize a template, probably the first thing you need to find is the corresponding template. Post Affiliate Pro templates are divided into 3 main categories - Affiliates, Merchants and Signup. If you want to change the design for example in the affiliate panel, then you have to choose the Affiliate panel theme tab in design configuration (Merchant panel --> Configuration --> Design --> Affiliate panel theme) Here you have an option to define/choose the affiliate´...

Can I use JavaScript code in template files of Post Affiliate Pro?

You can use a JavaScript code only in the .stpl template files of Post Affiliate Pro. Also, the JavaScript code must be included in the literal tags. {literal} <script> alert('Hello, World!') </script> {/literal} Usage of a JavaScript code in .tpl template files of Post Affiliate Pro is prohibited due to security reasons and it won't be changed! Though if you needed to execute some script even in some .tpl file, then include your script via an iframe.


Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) uses Smarty templates that define the look of the user interface. You can alter the design by changing the templates, or by selecting (or creating a new) theme. Choosing theme PAP consists of three main parts: * affiliate panel * merchant panel * signup form For each of these modules you can choose it's own theme. You (as a merchant ) can choose the default panel theme atConfiguration -> Design. The first tab allows you to easily customize your logo (changed ...

How do I edit the templates, with what application?

Sometimes it is needed to edit the template file. For example if you want to make your customization or fix the logo size. You can edit it with some text editor such as Notepad. Do not use the editors with text formatting (e.g. MS Word).