Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports

Including list of transactions in reports
You can include list of transactions made in certain time period (day, week, month) in your reports. You can use smarty variable named commissionsList.
Example of use in your template:

My daily report:
This is my daily report and list of today transactions follow:
Technical note: sometimes, when you have many transactions per selected time period, huge mails can be generated if you include the transactions list to them. You can face several limitations then:
  • mysql limit: every mail is stored into the database. Storage space is not limited, however, the transfer limit to the database is. So if you ever face error message like Packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes , you can do two things. First, is to remove list of all transactions from your mail. Second, you can rise this limit in your mysql configuration. Open your /etc/my.conf mysql config file and find the following row
    max_allowed_packet = 1M 
    and change it to something bigger, for example 2M or 5M.
  • SMTP limit: it is possible that your smtp server will not be able (or allowed) to send mails so big. You must rise this limit to some bigger number.
The columns (data) included in the list of commissions can be modified at:
Configuration > Design > Affiliate panel theme > "Edit theme" > look up "sales_list.stpl"

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