Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) uses Smarty templates that define the look of  the user interface. You can alter the design by changing the templates, or by selecting (or creating a new) theme.

Choosing theme

PAP consists of three main parts:

  • affiliate panel
  • merchant panel
  • signup form

For each of these modules you can choose it's own theme. You (as a merchant ) can choose the default panel theme at Configuration -> Design.

The first tab allows you to easily customize your logo (changed logo will appear in all panels).

The next three tabs - Affiliate panel theme, Merchant panel theme, Signup form theme - allow you to choose a predefined theme for each of the panels.
Every theme is displayed with a small screenshot of it's look.

There's always one default  theme selected for every module.

Every user can also change his theme after the login in the Panel settings menu.

If you click the Select this theme button for example next to the Classic Wide theme, the merchant panel will reload with the selected theme.