Complimentary White Glove Setup & Full Integration Service

Starting your own affiliate program can be a lot of hassle. That's why we offer complimentary White glove setup service which includes initial setup and integration service.

Completely free initial setup with full integration service comes automatically with every single hosted plan. Including a free trial. There are no strings attached, no credit cards needed, no contract lock-ins, no hidden fees.

We want you to focus on actual business and not technical tinkering. Here are a few examples of what's included:

  • Setting up click tracking on your website
  • Implementing sale tracking on your website
  • Putting a whole commission structure in place
  • Automatic tracking of every single transaction
  • Want to set multiple campaigns from the start
  • Stress testing whole structure

Bottom line is as simple as it seems. Instead of watching webinars or reading technical documentation you can actually do real affiliate marketing. From the start. Without risking a dime and with all the help in the world from our specialists.

How to claim white glove setup/full integration service?

Short answer: Simply ask for it. Send an email to and ask for a full integration service or simply reply to the very first onboarding email you get from us. 

We want to hear about your plan, needs and specific requirements. So please, take your time and provide as many details as possible. To make your affiliate program truly yours, we need to know exactly what is your plan.  

What do we need to do the setup for you?

  • merchant panel access to your Post Affiliate Pro (URL, login username and password)
  • admin access to your shop or e-commerce website/system
  • FTP or cPanel admin access to files of your website/shop, which you want to integrate/connect with PAP

Furthermore, we need you to explain, what do you want to achieve with the software:

  • what is the URL of your website / shop which you want us to integrate?
  • which shopping cart / payment gateway do you use?
  • do you want to manually approve affiliates after joining?
  • do you want the commission to go to the first affiliate whose link was clicked or to the last one?
  • please describe briefly the commission structure you would like to have so we can configure it in the system after.

What does full integration even mean?

  • integration of click tracking code - click integration code is inserted into every page of your e-commerce website (e.g. in footer of the landing page)
  • integration of sale tracking code - sale integration code is pasted into the "Thank you" page of your shop or we integrate call back procedures of your payment processor
  • integration of your installation with Cron - setup of periodical execution of background tasks required in Post Affiliate Pro
  • testing of click tracking & testing of sale tracking (if there is any way to make a test purchase for free)
  • campaign setup & commissions setup 

Feel free to ask more about this service by sending an email to, jumping on our live chat support or calling to +1-888-659-6550 (Toll Free in USA & Canada) / +421 2 33 456 826 (European Union & Worldwide)