Last standalone release of Post Affiliate Pro

End of life for Post Affiliate Pro standalone version - announcement date: 1st June 2022

End of Sale - 1st June 2022

  • We stopped promoting and actively selling standalone licenses back in 2020 and since this date, it is no longer possible to buy new standalone licenses at all. 
  • Extension of updates availability will be sold only until the end of support
  • We are offering a data migration service from the standalone version to the cloud version
  • Exclusive 30% discount for the cloud version of Post Affiliate Pro for all owners of the standalone licenses

Last Release - 31st December 2022

  • Customers with valid license updates will be able to download the latest released version even after this date (until the end of their download validity)
  • New features, improvements, patches, and bug fixes will be only provided in the cloud version after this date

End of Support - 31st December 2022

  • Our support team will no longer be providing any technical support services for standalone customers after this date, other than helping with the migration to the cloud version
  • Possibility of the migration from the standalone version to the could version will be guaranteed for one year after the last standalone release, afterward migration possibility will not be guaranteed


Can I continue using my standalone version after the end of support?

Yes, all customers with a valid license can continue using the software even without our support. However it will no longer be possible to get access to new features, improvements, patches, and bug fixes as those will be only provided in the cloud version after this date

What can I do if I run into an issue after the end of the support date?

After the end of the support date, issues from standalone customers will no longer be investigated and solved by our support team. 

  • in case it’s a setup issue, customers can try to solve it by themselves
  • in case of a functionality issue, customers can decide to either continue using the software with the known issue or switch to our cloud version

How can I request migration to the cloud and how much will it cost?

Pricing for our cloud solution is on our website Post Affiliate Pro Pricing. The migration is provided for free, you can find the details in our KB: Migration from Self-hosted to Cloud

Will standalone customers get any discount for the cloud version?

Yes, standalone customers get a 30% lifetime discount for chosen cloud subscription plan - get in touch with us at