Example answers for the integration service email

Once you will sign up for a Post Affiliate Pro Trial account, you will receive an automated email with questions that are necessary for you to answer in order for us to provide you with the free integration and complete setup of the initial campaign

Example answers for the integration service email

Q: What is the URL of your website / shop which you want us to integrate?
A: https://www.example.com 
- should be the URL address / domain of the website on which you would like to track data and to which your affiliates will send customers

Q: which shopping cart / payment gateway do you use?
A1: We are using Wordpress website with Woocommerce plugin as a shopping cart. 
A2: We have a custom developed website with PayPal buttons / with Stripe checkout.
- basically info about your website, shopping cart or payment gateway which you are using to create a website, process payments, etc. Let us know the info about how your website is built - it could be created via CMS systems like Wordpress, Shopify, Prestashop, etc., or it can be custom developed by you. 

Q: do you want to manually approve affiliates after joining?
A1: automatically
A2: manually
- there are only two options. Either affiliate will be approved automatically after signup into your Post Affiliate Pro account, or you (merchant) would have to do it manually. Once affiliates are approved, they can log into the affiliate panel, see your campaigns and start to promote you. 

Q: a customer clicks on an affiliate link but doesn't make a purchase, then clicks on a different affiliates link, then makes a purchase. Which affiliate do you want to get the commission, the first or second affiliate?
A1: the first affiliate gets a commission
A2: the last affiliate gets a commission
- this is a question about 'overwrite cookies' functionality. Example: customer John clicks on the affiliate's Bob affiliate link, but doesn't purchase anything. Then the same customer John clicks on the affiliate's Mike affiliate link and decides to purchase something. Our question is about which affiliate (Bob or Mike) should get a commission for the sale from Customer John. 

Q: Please describe briefly the commission structure you would like to have. We can configure it in the system after.
A1: we want to set a $25 commission (or 10% commission) for every referred order. 
A2: we want to give $10 to the referring affiliate, $5 to 2nd tier affiliate and $2 to 3rd tier affiliate. 
A3: we want to set 5% commission for every product from an order separately 
A4: the commissions should be for subscriptions. 10% commission for the subscribe, 5% monthly until a customer cancels the subscription. 
- just a description of how much commissions you would like to provide to the affiliates, for what, how often, etc. 

And also send us access:

R: to your Post Affiliate Pro - merchant panel (Your URL, username, and password),
A: example.postaffiliatepro.com | merchant@email.com | merchant-password
- login credentials to the merchant panel of your Post Affiliate Pro account

R: to your website or store admin panel (if there is some) (Your admin URL, username and password),
A: access to our WordPress website: www.example.com/wp-admin | wordpress-admin@email.com | WordPress-admin-password
- basically admin access to the admin area of your website, store or any CMS you are using to create and manage your website, sales, subscriptions, etc. If you have a custom developed website, there is a chance you don't have such access. In that case, we will need server access, check next request.

R: to your FTP where you have your website or store installed (if you have that kind of website or store).
A: FTP access: host - (or something.example.com) | user - example@email.com (or just username 'example') | password - x6a54g5gaas56d4 | port - 21 (could be 22 in the case of SFTP)
- as server access, you can provide us with login credentials to FTP (SFTP), cPanel or even SSH. If you are not sure about this part, feel free to contact your server admin or hosting company to help you to get this info.