How does the invoicing work?


Before generating a new invoice, ensure that the invoice format meets your preferences and includes all necessary details. This can be done under Configuration > Network Invoice Format > Invoice format. There are two types of invoices to edit: proforma invoices (generated following the steps below) and real invoices (sent once the invoice is marked as paid). This guide will walk you through the process of generating invoices and managing them in Post Affiliate Network.

Generating an Invoice

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Account manager.
  2. Click the edit (pencil icon) next to any account.
  3. Go to the Accounting tab and click the "Create invoice" button.


Upon clicking the button, the invoice creation window appears:

Let's review the individual settings

Date from/to: Specifies the date range for unpaid and approved commissions for the selected merchant. The "Date to" is always one day before the "Create invoice" button is clicked.
Due date: The date by which the invoice must be paid.
Commissions: All approved commissions that have not been paid within the invoicing period (up to the "Date to").
Total Cost: The sum of the total cost values of the included commissions to be paid.
Transactions count: The number of commissions.
Fee: Various fees that the merchant agreed to pay (these fees should also be mentioned in your terms & conditions):

  • Fixed = a fixed fee the merchant agreed to pay (this fee should be also mentioned in your terms&conditons in order to play fair)
  • Percentage from commission = a percentage from the Commissions listed above added on top as the fee the merchant has to pay for using your services.
  • Percentage from total cost = a percentage from the Total Cost listed above as fee the merchant has to pay.
  • Fixed per transaction = a fixed value per transaction/commission, so basically whatever value inserted here is multiplied by the Transactions count.

Amount: The total amount (Fees + Commissions) to be paid by the merchant.
Balance after this payment: The value of the merchant's main balance, calculated as Commissions + Fees - Payments.

After creating the invoice and receiving payment from the merchant, mark the invoice as 'paid' in Post Affiliate Network:

  1. Go to Accounts > Account manager.
  2. Click the edit (pencil icon) next to any account.
  3. Go to the Accounting tab.
  4. Press the dollar or checkmark icon next to the invoice to mark it as paid.


Once marked as paid, the merchant will receive the regular invoice in the format defined in Configuration > Network Invoice Format > Invoice format. The payment value will be included in the Payments field, increasing the merchant's balance.


Please note that only the latest unpaid invoices can be deleted. If you delete the latest invoice, the previous invoice will not be allowed for deletion.


Generating and managing invoices in Post Affiliate Network is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined above, you can create, edit, and mark invoices as paid, ensuring a smooth invoicing experience for both you and your merchants.