Speedup Mysql Memory Allocation Performance

We have been trying to optimize our Percona Cluster for the best performance and we have found out (with help of https://www.percona.com/blog/2012/07/05/impact-of-memory-allocators-on-mysql-performance/), that the default memory allocation used by operating system (Centos 6.5) is not doing the best job.
Therefore we have tried jemalloc and it improved the performance of our cluster nearly twice as it was with glibc.
Installation was easy:
1. in the command line as root execute: yum install jemalloc
2. add to my.cnf following:
3. and now just restart mysql service with: service mysql restart
And here is the result of exchange of malloc library:
As you can see, the same hardware can process nearly twice SQLs. Not bad!