PostAffiliatePro chatbot integration

A Sneak Peak into our AI chatbot feature for website integration to answer product questions.

The implementation will be carried out through integration with our product UrlsLab. As a result, the feature itself will be free of charge. However, there will be payments for AI requests, which are outlined in the pricing section of our UrlsLab website,

As part of our testing program, we are offering chosen customers within our beta testing program initial free credits and a live session to assist with setup and address any questions our customers may have.

Some basic information

Our team would help the merchant create a URLSlab account, and add the chatbot with a defined list of URL addresses consisting of the information the chatbot should learn. Merchant would retrieve the JavaScript code, and insert it into their PAP as a new HTML banner. The code would also include a variable for the "refid" as a suffix, such as "?a_aid={$refid}". Affiliates would download this banner with the corresponding suffix, and publish it on their blog/website, and visitors would then be able to ask about the promoted product.

Later we would add the entire feature called "URLSlab Chatbot Integration" to the PostAffiliatePro, where after activating the feature, users could configure the API key from URLSlab. However, before proceeding to implement this we would appreciate knowing the level of interest and engagement from our customers in exploring this opportunity.

Let us know in case of any questions!

How to create a chatbot

1. Go to and create an account (for chatbot you need just the URLsLab account, don't need to download the plugin).

2. Login to your new account and in My Domains click Add and define at least 1 website for the chatbot to learn from.

3. Define data extraction parameter to "Index text" and set Scan speed (choose wisely based on the capabilities of your website and hosting).

4. Once the schedule is defined, you can now go to the chatbot, click add, and define the chatbot welcome message and system prompt (what is its purpose and its "personality")

5. Then click edit on the chatbot and define domains it should use to answer questions

6. Now you can copy and paste the chatbot Javascript code and use it on the website (in the same way as it's used here on this page).

Note: For the integration to the Post Affiliate Pro (using the HTML banner), I'd advise waiting for the call where our team could provide some guidance. I am also attaching screenshots. There will soon be an article detailing the process but we are still working on it. 


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