How to change themes

Post Affiliate Pro consists of three main modules:
  • Affiliate panel
  • Merchant panel
  • Signup page
For each module there are multiple themes you can choose from. There's always one default theme set for every module. This default theme is used for all newly registered users.
Both you(merchant) and your affiliates can change their own panel theme in Panel settings menu directly in your merchant/affiliate panel.



After you click on the Select this theme button, the merchant/affiliate panel will reload in your browser with new theme applied.

Signup page theme of your Post Affiliate Pro installation can be changed by merchant directly in his merchant panel -> configuration -> design -> signup page theme tab.

If you want to change the default theme for your affiliates you can do so in your merchant panel -> configuration -> design -> affiliate panel theme tab. After you click on Set as default button a confirmation window will open.

By default the affiliate panel theme will NOT be changed for already existing affiliates. If you want to change the affiliate panel theme also for all already existing affiliate accounts you have to check the check-box for Apply also for existing affiliates that you can see on screenshot above.
If you wish to disable specific themes to prevent your affiliates from using them for their affiliate panels you can also do so directly in your merchant panel -> configuration -> design -> affiliate panel theme tab. Next to each theme there is a Disable button that will disable selected theme. Themes can be re-enabled by clicking the Enable button that will be visible next to all disabled themes.
If you want to completely remove possibility of changing themes for your affiliates please follow this guide.

If you are interested in customizing our themes in any way please continue with this guide.