Live Chat and Help Desk for Wordpress

Be available to your customers via Live Chat and provide better customer service with Help Desk integration on your WordPress websites.

Great customer service starts with better Help Desk software.

What is LiveAgent Help Desk Software

LiveAgent is a Help Desk and Live Chat software, that helps you to manage and organise queries and be more available to your customers. Live chat is the fastest way to connect with your customers and reach potential clients in real time. Setup chat for your website with LiveAgent in minutes.

What is WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating websites. You can create any kind of website, blog or a business website. You can also use WordPress for e-commerce and create an online store.

Help Desk Software for WordPress = better customer service

study shows, that live chat is the answer. It adds unique, human element to whole interaction process with your customers. Every single person from your support team is a specific individuality with particular skills. Let them shine and make your customers feel the spirit of deeply personal experience. It is that simple. Just use live chat.

Do not worry that you may get overwhelmed and lost in loads of inquiries. LiveAgent offers automation tools that will help you to create simple and easy to understand workflow for your agents.
LiveAgent is one of the best Help Desk Software for WordPress ever made.

The system can automatically assign tickets to particular departments or agents. You can even set specific interval for a ticket to be resolved and make a tag that will imply urgency without manually touching anything. Right rules in the right place can make all the difference in support space.

Integration with WordPress is very simple, check our integration article  for more information.