Post Affiliate Pro Domain parking possible problems

You can face some problems or errors while parking your custom domain or setting up/updating your SSL certificate. We've listed the most common issues for you:

Error: "Certificate chain is incomplete"
Solution: Your certificate is missing intermediate and/or root certificates. You need to add them all, one after another, in the exact given order, where the first (end-user) certificate always goes first. Certificates need to go on a new line, without line breaks between them. It is commonly used that SSL issuers or domain hosting providers provide not only the end-user certificate but a whole ZIP file, where also all needed intermediate/root certificates are included or provide them in an all-in-one file altogether. Such a certificate file is most commonly called a "CA bundle". If you did not get such ZIP/file, you need to search on your issuer's/provider's website or contact their support. Below are displayed two wrong examples and one correct - the right one.

Error: "Could not find CNAME record in domain DNS targeting '' domain"
Solution: This message is just a notification about the fact that your DNS (CNAME) targeting was not set up correctly or just not applied/propagated over the world yet. You can use online tools to check the CNAME record of your custom domain like Note that some hosting providers are proxying DNS records. To park your Post Affiliate Pro account, the CNAME record cannot be proxied. If you are sure that the CNAME is correctly set and just needs time, ignore this warning and wait for the record to propagate to our servers.

Errors: "Certificate can not be recognized" or "CA bundle can not be recognized" or "Certificate and private key do not match"
Solution: It is impossible to match the key and certificate you've entered. You must insert a valid private key and certificates. You can check whether your private key and certificate match through online tools like this certificate key matcher.

Notification: "Applying changes. Please wait..." or "Unable to get domain info. Try again later."
Solution: Our system is processing your request, and you need to wait. If you still see this message after 12 hours, don't hesitate to contact us via email or chat, and we will investigate the issue as soon as possible.

Error: "Domain is not valid"
Solution: Double-check if your domain is written in a valid format without typos. Your domain shouldn't contain any protocol, end slash, page/directory. Here are examples of WRONG inputs:

  • domain
  • .domain
  • domain/agent

Errors: "Domain is already used" or "Domain is already used by another account"
Solution: The domain you've chosen is already taken by another customer. You have to set up another one. If you think this is a mistake, don't hesitate to contact us via email or chat, and we will investigate the issue as soon as possible.

Errors: "Domain is reserved domain" or "Domain can not be used as it is reserved domain"
Solution: This message occurs when you try to use as a custom domain, or any of these reserved words: localhost, dev, www, ftp, http, https, mailhost, mail, host, api, newweb, static, signup, support, demo, geo, iso, ios, members, addons, qualityunit.

Error: "No key entry was found for this account. Please generate CSR first."
Solution: It is needed to generate and download your certificate signing request (CSR) first.

Error: "You can not set custom domain to an IP address"
Solution: It is not allowed to use an IP address as a custom domain. Please use 3rd level domain instead. 

Error: "Domain name cannot be empty"
Solution: Insert your custom domain into the Custom domain field and try again.

Error: "You can not use default certificate for custom domain! Please choose custom certificate." or "Custom certificate can only be used with custom domain"
Solution: Insert your custom domain into the Custom domain field and try again. If you do not want to use a custom domain, you do not need to set up an SSL certificate. Our cloud accounts are secured and use a shared wildcard certificate * from DigiCert certification company.