Grid object - this class handles requests to the list of payouts. You can use it to search and filter in merchant payouts.

Note: This api is for merchant only.



  • all methods are inherited from Gpf_Rpc_GridRequest class, check it's documentation.
  • addAllAffiliatesToPay() - this adds all affiliates loaded to payouts grid to payout process
  • addAffiliateToPay(affiliateid) - this adds affiliate with id affiliateid to payout process
  • payAffiliates(paymentNote, affiliateNote, send_payment_to_affiliate, send_generated_invoices_to_merchant, send_generated_invoices_to_affiliates) - this launches the payout process. Payment note is note for merchant, affiliateNote is note for affiliate. set send_payment_to_affiliate = Y if you want to affiliate recieve notification mail about this payment. Set send_generated_invoices_to_merchant = Y if you want to PAP generate invoice for this payment and deliver it to merchant. Set send_generated_invoices_to_affiliates = Y if you want PAP generate invoice for this payment and deliver it to affiliate
Possible filters you can use:
  • methods - list of id's of payout methods ids separated by comma
  • reachedMinPayout - Y or N
  • dateinserted - date value
  • rstatus - list of statuses separated by comma 
  • campaignid - id of campaign


Example of retrieving the list of all commissions to be paid (all payouts to be done):

include '../api/PapApi.class.php';

$session = new Pap_Api_Session("");
if(!$session->login("your_merchant_name", "merchant_password")) {
  die('Failed authentication');

$payoutRequest = new Pap_Api_PayoutsGrid($session);
$payoutRequest->addParam('columns', new Gpf_Rpc_Array(array(array('id'), array('userid'), array('username'), array('firstname'), array('lastname'), array('commission'), array('payoutMethod'), array('payoutData'), array('pendingAmount'), array('declinedAmount'), array('rstatus'), array('campaignid'), array('accountuserid'))));


$payoutGrid = $payoutRequest->getGrid();
$recordset = $payoutGrid->getRecordset();

//print list of transactions to pay affiliates
foreach($recordset as $rec) {
    echo $rec->get('id') . ';' . $rec->get('firstname') . ';' . $rec->get('lastname') . ';' . $rec->get('username') .';' . $rec->get('amounttopay') . '</br>';
Possible values you can get from grid (default):
  • username
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • userid
  • commission
  • minimumpayout
  • payoutMethod
Other values you can get, if you use param 'columns' with column names from example above: "$payoutRequest->addParam('columns', ...":
  • pendingAmount
  • declinedAmount
  • campaignid
  • rstatus
  • accountuserid
Now we can add affiliates to payment process and pay them:
//and now pay them
$payoutRequest->addAllAffiliatesToPay(); //adds all loaded affiliates to payout process
$payoutRequest->payAffiliates(); //pay them
Or we can add only specified affiliate and pay him:
$payoutRequest->addAffiliateToPay('aff123'); //adds affiliate aff123 to payout process
$payoutRequest->payAffiliates(); //pay him