There are two options how the URL of replicated site should look like. You can choose default or custom location.

Default location

This is the default value and it does not require any further set up, except for the name for this particular replicate side which will appear in the affiliate link as seen in the preview URL.

Custom location

If you want to use a different URL than your Post Affiliate Pro installation URL then you can choose this option. In this case you will be able to specify full URL where the replication should be placed.

This option requires a web server that supports mod_rewrite and mod_proxy modules and it will require you to add the provided .htaccess code to the location you've selected (read further).

Once you've selected the desired custom location URL and saved the banner you will be presented with 2 new buttons:

Click the Generate .htaccess for this location button and you will be presented with the code which you must add to the .htaccess file in the path defined in the custom location box, so in this example to

After it is uploaded and the correct location, you should verify if it is working by clicking the Check if it is working button.


SubID tracking with site replication

even with site replication your affiliates can use SubID tracking, they will just need to add the &data1 or &data2 or &chan parameters to their site replication URL.

So to use the same example