Split Commissions FAQ

1. Saving first and last click referrer information into transactions

Let's see an example:
We have activated the split commissions with zero (whatever) bonus for the first and the last click referring affiliates.

Customer gets to your page via two affiliates; first he gets there by aff_1 and after that by aff_2.
Then the customer makes a sale, so two transactions are saved.

What first/last click referer information is saved into those transactions ?
The first and last click referer information are same for every transaction except for one transaction. The last click (provided by the affiliate) information is saved to both of them.
Only the transaction assigned to the affiliate by whom the very first click was made has information about this very first click in first click referer information.

Transaction 1(aff_1)
first click referer: information about the very first click by aff_1
last click referer
: information about the last click provided by aff_1

Transaction 2(aff_2)
first click referer: information about very last click(also last click by aff_2)
last click referer
: information about very last click(also last click by aff_2)

This behavior of Post Affiliate Pro is because we do not want to provide information to an affiliate about other affiliates involed in the particular sale.

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