Requests can be sent using any programming language, you only need to follow our JSON format of requests/responses.


We provide PHP object library (single file PapApi.class.php or PapApiNamespace.class.php) that simplifies making the requests to the Post Affiliate Pro API and processing the responses. PapApi.class.php is part of every Post Affiliate Pro distribution (since version and can be found in api folder in your installation files or you can download it in Merchant panel > Tools > IntegrationAPI Integration. Always use the PapApi.class.php / PapApiNamespace.class.php from you current version of Post Affiliate Pro to ensure compatibility.

To be able to use this class, you need to have:

  • PHP version 8.1 and higher 

  • either cURL extension or fsockopen enabled


The file has no other external dependencies.


If you want to call our system from another language (Java, C#, .NET, Ruby, Python), it is generally possible, but we do not provide any library of classes for these languages yet.