How to change language of the merchant/affiliate panel and signup mini-site

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Importing new languages

The language which you would like to use has to be enabled in your Post Affiliate Pro/Network account. You can import, enable/disable, or remove languages in your merchant panel in Configuration > Languages and regional settings.

To add more languages click on the "Import language" button, and on the next screen select all the languages you want to import. Once the languages are imported, users (merchants, affiliates, visitors) are able to use them. One of the languages can be set as default and will be used if no other language will be recognized for the user.


How are languages selected when a user arrives at your signup mini-site

If the user has a cookie in his browser with a certain language and this language is active in your Post Affiliate Pro/Network account, it will be selected. The cookie is created when users log in to the merchant or affiliate panel. If the user doesn't have a cookie, the language is selected based on the "preferred language for viewing websites" setting in his browser. If none of these options match, the language which is marked as default is selected.

Changing the language if I am already logged in to the merchant/affiliate panel

Both merchants and affiliates choose the language directly from the login form. If they are already logged in and would like to change the language, they have to log out from the panel and choose a different language from the login form.

There is also a way to force the language by adjusting the URL with language codes. This method doesn’t require logging out from the panel. You can simply add the language URL parameter (lower case L) with language code into the URL like this:


For example, if you are logged in to the merchant panel and this is the URL in your browser:

You can add the language parameter like this to change the panel to the English language:

Note that this will also create the language cookie in your browser, so the chosen language will be remembered and you don’t have to repeat this step every time. Based on this approach you can develop a quick language switcher.