Making your own theme

In your merchant panel navigate to Configuration->Design. There are three tabs which contain themes: Affiliate panel theme tab, Signup panel theme tab and Merchant panel theme tab. Click Edit theme button next to the default theme which you want to customize. System asks you to create a copy of this default theme first because default themes are not customizable. So please create one and name it as you wish, add some info like the author name, URL and description. Then click Create button to create a new theme.

When a new theme is created a Theme editor window opens and you can start searching for the templates and texts you need to edit (customized files aren't overwritten with updates of the software so you don't need to worry about losing your theme customizations). Don't forget to save each template file after you are done editing it.

After you finish your new theme customizations, close the Theme editor and click on Set as default button next to the theme which you were just editing. It is a very common mistake that users create new theme but forget to set this theme as default theme.

NOTE: Post Affiliate Pro uses Smarty template engine for it's themes. That means some texts need special care before they can be added to the theme file. For example curly brackets { }. Most JavaScript Code also uses curly brackets and can throw error when you simply place JavaScript code into Smarty template file. Fortunately this can be easily fixed by placing your custom code between {literal} {/literal} tags in the template file. For example like this:
your custom code

You can read more about how to edit your theme here.

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