LiveAgent integration

Please note: this integration is available in PostAffiliatePro v. or above
Integrates LiveAgent Helpdesk software with your affiliate program. You can provide instant chat support to all your existing or potential new affiliates.
You can activate this feature for free! Just nvigate in the merchant panel to  Configuration -> Features and activate the feature named "Live Chat and Helpdesk integration". Then just confirm application restart! 
Afterwards configure your account at Configuration->LiveAgent Helpdesk configuration and your're done! 
From that time on, you can access your Helpdesk Dashboard from the merchant panel at Affiliates->Herlpdesk Dasboard
  • easy one click integration
  • adds chat button in affiliate panel
  • adds chat button in affiliate signup
  • simple dashboard to overview actual support situation
Helpdesk dashboard 
You can access this screen from your main menu->Affiliates->Helpdesk dashboard menu item.
Note: this screen can change over time as we add more cool features
In this screen you can view number of your Today opened tickets - how many support request needs to be processed today, so your affiliates get their answers! Next cool feature is, that you can login to your agent panel easily! Just click on "login" link in top right corner of this screen.
Want to change your account settings? Just click on "configure" link to show configuration screen where you can change various integration options or change your account completely.

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