How to configure Gmail SMTP settings

If you want to use SMTP e-mail configuration and you wonder how to set it up with a Gmail account, use the following settings:

SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 465
tick Use SMTP authentification

Use your username and for SMTP password create an App password (do not use your Gmail/Google general password)
Here is an example screenshot of setting up a Gmail SMTP in Post Affiliate Pro:
Creating App password:
First you need to enable 2-Step Verification (2FA) for your google account.
If it is disabled go to your account security section:
In section "Signing in to Google" click "2-Step Verification" option and follow steps for enabling it.
When 2-Step Verification is enabled return back to the security section and in "App passwords" section create a new password for your Post Affiliate Pro account.
In selected app choose "Other (Custom name)", fill the name, it is used only for your identification, so you can remember, why it is created.
Click Generate button. A password is created and is visible only once on this screen. Copy the generated password but make sure to use it WITHOUT SPACES.

That is it. Now you can use the password for SMTP server setup in your Post Affiliate Pro account.
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