Changing panel colors

Most of our clients wish to customize colors of their account's pages to achieve design similar to their logo or business website. To achieve this you have to navigate to Configuration > Design > Signup page theme > Edit active theme (Create a copy if you are asked to) > In theme editor search for "custom.css". Here you can define your custom css styles. Paste the following code into this template:

:root {
     --primary-color: #008080;
     --btn-primary-bg-color: #008080;
     --btn-primary-border-color: #008080;
     --primary-color-darken: #008080;
     --content_text_color_highlight: #008080

Some Affiliate and Merchant panel themes utilize also three additional variables:

:root {
     --bg_sidebar_color: #17232d;
     --bg_sidebar_color_second: #2f4050;
     --submenu_item_text_color_highlight: #20d0ad;


As you maybe know you can define your own color by hexadecimal number which is #008080 in our case.​​​​​​ To find your own use the following website - link.​ So the template should look like this:

Now click Save --> Close Theme Editor --> Choose the edited theme as default for all Merchants. Changes should appear after reloading the panel. If no, click My account --> Theme settings --> Choose the edited theme and reload panel.

If you want to do same customization also for Affiliate panel, you can repeat the same process in Affiliate panel theme tab. For more information regarding to editing another templates follow this brief article.