Domain parking - custom domain for your cloud account

Originally, each Post Affiliate Pro account uses a standard domain, e.g.
If you want to use your own domain (custom domain) for access to your Post Affiliate Pro account, you can do it via 'domain parking'.
Your own domain can be a third-level domain like:
(merchant panel will be accessible from, affiliate panel from
(merchant panel will be accessible from, affiliate panel from
How to configure a custom domain for your cloud account?
To setup your custom domain you must create CNAME record in your domain management panel!
- CNAME record on your own domain has to point to the default URL of your Post Affiliate Pro account >>>
- if you are not sure how to setup CNAME record on your own domain, you can ask your server admin or hosting provider to help you with that.

Note 1: check out this guide how to do it in various web-hosting services.
Note 2: Please read also the article about how to configure your custom domain DNS settings to complete the configuration.

IMPORTANT: CNAME record is not propagated on DNS servers immediately after setup! This change can take up to 24 hours. You can use this website to check if your CNAME was propagated or not. If it was propagated, you can continue with second step.
Do this step only if your CNAME record is already set and propagated!
In merchant panel of your Post Affiliate Pro navigate to Configuration > Domain settings and enable 'use custom account domain' option.
Here you can set your custom domain (e.g. which will be used instead of your original Post Affiliate Pro account domain (e.g.
You need to insert your custom domain into the box and click on "Apply" button. But for this, you also need to add SSL certificates that are generated for your custom domain. After successful applying of a custom domain with SSL, your cloud Post Affiliate Pro account (e.g. should be accessible via your own custom domain (e.g. 

How to set own SSL certificate and enable secure access for your custom domain?
By default every Post Affiliate Pro cloud account has a secure access enabled! This means that you can access it through httpS link like >>>
However, when you set your own custom domain, it is not automatically accessible via https. So, there is an option to set your own SSL certificate on your custom domain. This certificate of yours will cover the access ONLY to your custom domain
In merchant panel of your Post Affiliate Pro navigate to Configuration > Domain settings and enable 'use custom certificate' option.
Note: Again, use only third-level domains like or Do NOT use second-level domains like
Enter all info for your certificate and then generate and download your CSR signing request by clicking on "Generate" button.
Take the CSR signing request to your certificate authority (company who will issue the certificate) and generate a new certificate with it.
When you have your certificate file, come back to this screen in Post Affiliate Pro and click on certificate "Setup" link.
Certificate setup popup will be displayed, so just paste your certificate in "Certificate" text box and click on "Save" button. Then click on "Apply" button. 
Note: a CA bundle (intermediate certificate) should be added by going after your SSL certificate into 'certificate setup popup' field as well.
Your certificate will be installed on our server in couple of minutes.
Note: Few common domain/secure access configuration examples