Mobile apps tracking

Nowadays people tend to use mobile apps more and more, therefore merchants are paying attention to this customer need and offer mobile apps for their products too. When it comes to tracking in this environment there are a lot of questions arising.

Post Affiliate Pro and Post Affiliate Network offer integration with AppsFlyer which helps with mobile app tracking a lot. Here is a guidance on how to make it all working with help of AppsFlyer.

In general, the integration is to setup redirect links in your PAP, then set a banner to redirect visitorID to AppsFlyer landing page and finally to setup a postback URL in AppsFlyer.

Post Affiliate Pro setup

In Post Affiliate Pro/Network you have to set your affiliate linking method to 'Redirect Links'. Then you have to create a banner where you set your AppsFlyer offer URL (take a look here if you haven't set any yet: The final part of the setup is to add a variable to your banner URL. Add 'clickid' parameter to the URL and assign it the value of variable 'visitorId'. See the image below for better understanding.

AppsFlyer setup

The next step is to choose your conversion type (app installation, in-app event, ...) and then contact AppsFlyer via email. More information about this can be found here

Here is an example of how the webhook URLs should look like. Please note there is MYCOMPANY account name used so you have to adjust it to match yours:
In-app event:{mapped-iae}&OrderID={advertising_id}&visitorId={clickid}

As you can see from the example URL, the correct tracking relies on receiving visitor ID value which we sent to AppsFlyer in banner's 'clickid' parameter.

For more information about details on available macros / variables and the setup see the Appsflyer's guide.