VAT handling

If you want to manage VAT in affiliate payments you can activate VAT handling in Post Affiliate Pro.
Go to Configuration > VAT handling
Here you can turn on VAT support, set VAT percentage and if VAT will be deducted or added to commission.
Here you can create template for VAT version of Payout invoice. You can use predefined variables and HTML syntax. On the picture you can see example how can invoice template look like. You can show preview only for affiliates that have VAT activated in their profile (in this preview is not used real Payment amount for current affiliate - it is used amount 100).
If you want to apply VAT invoicing for affiliate you can use Affiliate manager and edit that affiliate. In Payouts tab you can find Invoicing options:
Affiliate is than able to generate invoice with VAT in his affiliate panel in Reports > Payouts to me :
Example of template code for VAT invoice (merchant panel):
Invoice with VAT for {$firstname} {$lastname}: <br>Payment amount: {$payment} {$payoutcurrency} <br>VAT percentage: {$vat_percentage} <br>VAT number: {$vat_number} <br> VAT part from payment: {$payment_vat_part} <br>Payment excluding VAT: {$payment_excl_vat}
Invoice generated from this template in affiliate panel for amount of  $1000 and VAT percentage 10%:
Invoice with VAT for Johny Bravo:
Payment amount: 10000 USD
VAT percentage: 10
VAT number: 5555
VAT part from payment: 909.09
Payment excluding VAT: 9090.91