Event Logging

With event logging turned on, you can gather many useful information regarding your PAP. We recommend turning them on when you experience any troubles - you will be able to debug the system and find useful hints why the troubles occur. Also in case of debugging of tracking, you will find whole process described task by task - if you check the debug line by line, you will exactly know why the tracking is not working. 

You can find event logging settings in Configuration -> Event Logging. There you will find a listbox in which you can set Log level. There are 4 levels and they differ in their extensity.

Log Level

Critical Errors: this log level is the least extensive and it saves information mainly about tracking - any information regarding not functioning tracking or wrong settings of parameter names

Normal Errors and Above: this log level saves information about actions that should occur but as a result it didn't occur, in other words the process didn't finish properly - e.g. Cron didn't run, email has not been sent, newsletter signup has not been processed. This log level saves also Critical Errors (above)

Warnings and Above: this log level doesn't influence PAP behavior (operation), but it is advisable to check these logs, because they inform about actions that run non-standardly - e.g. your affiliate has got on his site banner that is not usable anymore and the system warns you that you should fix this.
This log level saves also Critical and Normal Errors (above)

Information and Above: this log level is most extensive and it saves information that doesn't influence PAP behavior (operation) and you should use it only when you want to track logins/logouts, start/end of requests, debug of the system operations. This log level saves also Warnings, Critical and Normal Errors (above)


In debug settings you can turn on detailed logging of these events:



In order to minimize the volume of incoming logs we recommend to use Critical Errors and none of debug events, because all of these logs enlarges your Database size - they are saved into qu_g_logs table - Information and Above saves many unnecessary information and rapidly increase DB size - unlike the other Log levels.

In order to receive important information that will be useful mainly for beginners (but not all), we recommend to use Warnings and Above + debug event that you currently try to configure (integrate)