Banners & Links Formats

There are two templates for each banner:
1. banner content template
2. banner wrapper template

Banner content template
This template specifies how the content of the banner will look like. You can specify format of Text, Image and Flash banners.
Here you can say e.g. that text link format will be:
<a href="{$targeturl}" target="_top"><strong>{$title}</strong><br/>{$description}</a>{$impression_track}
Which makes the link look like this:
Link title
Description ......

In Banner content template you can use banner variables.
For using certain target attribute from banner you need replace code _top with variable {$target_attribute}
So your Text link format will look:
<a href="{$targeturl}" target="{$target_attribute}">...

Banner wrapper template
Before the banner code is shown to affiliate in Banner&Links section it is wrapped by the banner wrapper. Banner wrapper specifies how the banner content should be displayed on affiliate page. You can make as many wrappers as you wish. Every banner has one wrapper assigned to it.
Example of banner wrappers:

1. Plain
Displays banner content in plain form.

2. Iframe
Displays banner content in an iframe dynamically loaded from PAP so when banner is changed in PAP, these changes will affect also existing banners.

<script type="text/javascript">document.write("<iframe name='banner' src='{$htmlcompleteurl}&refx2s6d="+encodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(document.URL))+"' framespacing='0' frameborder='no' scrolling='no' width='{$width}' height='{$height}' allowtransparency='true'><a href='{$clickurl}' target='_top'>{$bannername}</a></iframe>");
<h2><a href="{$targeturl}">{$bannername}</a></h2>

Screenshot of Banner & Links configuration screen