After the coupon banner is created you need to create coupon codes for it. Open the Coupons tab and then either import or generate coupons.


Import coupons

Use this option when you already have coupon codes generated (e.g. by your e-shop) and you want to import them to Post Affiliate Pro (PAP). You should paste them into the text area labeled as "Coupons" and separate them by comma, semicolon or new line. All these coupons will then be available in the system.

After hitting the 'Import coupons' button a new window opens up:


Here you can define the coupon validity, coupon codes and coupon assignment. There are two options how the assignment can work:

  • Affiliate will get coupon upon request - coupon codes will not be assigned to affiliates and affiliate will be able to ask for allowed number of coupons (based on Maximum coupons per affiliate). If there are any unassigned coupons, affiliate can use "Get another coupon" button. It will assign a new coupon to him.
    If you choose this option, you as a merchant will be able to manually assign particular coupon to an affiliate, useful if you want to import and assign personalized coupon codes. You can also use php API to assign coupons to affiliates. Easiest option to assign coupons to affiliates is using the CSV import.
  • Assign automatically - coupon codes (defined number) will be automatically assigned to the affiliates (based on Maximum coupons per affiliate) so they will not be able to ask for more. If you create many more codes than the number of affiliates you have, then they will be able to have assigned another coupons.

In both cases, if there are not enough coupons for all the affiliates, only first affiliates will be able to get coupon codes. E.g. if you can only offer discount in total amount of $1000 and each coupon is for $10 and you have 110 affiliates, then ten of them will not get a coupon code if you give one coupon to each affiliate.