Cookies created by Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro registers more types of cookies:
  • Flash cookies
  • Browser cookies
  • HTML 5 local storage cookie
In this section we will try to explain browser cookies used by PAP:
Browser cookies are stored on domain, where your click tracking code executes (called First party cookies) and also on domain, where PAP is installed (called Third party cookies).

We create the following cookies:

PAPVisitorId - stores visitor ID
PAPCookie_Imp_* - information about type of impression (raw or unique)
A_auth - authentication token to affiliate panel
M_auth - authentication token to merchant panel
M_pap_sid/M - holds active session in merchant panel
A_pap_sid/A - holds active session in affiliate panel
gpf_language - holds chosen language for merchant/affiliate panel
PAPAffiliateId - holds last referral ID while last click is processing via cron (this cookie has 5 minutes validity)

Old cookies (used before version 4.4):
PAPCookie_FirstClick - stores information about first click of visitor on tracked site
PAPCookie_LastClick - Information about last click on tracked site
PAPCookie_Sale - Information about affiliate, channel and campaign, where will be registered sale
PAPCookie_Time - contains number of clicks

More info about cookies:
How to setup cookies in PAP
How to delete cookies