Remove Subaffiliate option from Affiliate panel

Sometimes the merchants do not want affiliates to have their own sub-affiliates. In this point, the merchant needs to realize whether he really doesn't want the affiliates to have sub-affiliates or he simply does not want them to get multi tier commissions.

If you wish to achieve the latter of the above mentioned scenarios please scroll to the very bottom.

How to prevent affiliates to get their sub-affiliates
You need to disable signing up under parent affiliate. To disable it, you have to navigate to the Configuration> Affiliate Signup> Fields tab and set up the red circled settings there:

Now to remove all the sub-affiliate mentions from the affiliate panel.
First let's remove the menu items Tree of subaffiliates and Subaffiliate Sale Stats.
Go to your Merchant panel -> Configuration -> Affiliate panel -> Menu & screens tab - and in the left tab drag and drop desired tabs into Trash bin (Tree of subaffiliates and Subaffiliate Sale Stats are located under Reports by default). Here is a guide with screenshots for editing affiliate panel menu.

Here comes a little bit harder part, editing the templates. In your merchant panel go to Configuration->Design->Affiliate panel theme tab. Here you need to click at Edit theme button next to the theme which you wish your affiliates to use. If the software asks you to create a copy then please create one.

After the Theme editor window is opened search for home.tpl, promotools_screen.tpl, advanced_screen.tpl files and remove this line from each one of them:
{widget id="SignupSubaffiliates"}
Now search for reports_screen.tpl and remove these 2 lines:
{widget id="SubaffiliateSaleStats"}
{widget id="SubaffiliatesTree"}

One last is to search for email_notifications.tpl and remove these 2 lines:

 {widget id="aff_notification_on_subaff_signup" class="AffiliateNotification"}
 {widget id="aff_notification_on_subaff_sale" class="AffiliateNotification"}

Don't forget to save each file after you do changes in it. After you are done with all the changes, you can close the "Theme editor" and click on Set as default button next to the theme which you were editing, or next to the new copy you created. After clicking on "Set as default" confirmation pop up window will appear, notice that there is a checkbox Apply also for existing affiliates there. Check it if you wish to set this theme for all your existing affiliate.

You should Disable the themes in which you haven't done your changes so your affiliates can't switch to those. Of course if you use multiple themes, then you need to do these changes in all of the themes you wish your affiliates to use.

How to disable multi-tier commissions

You need to make sure that all your campaigns are set to not have multi tier commissions. Edit each campaign in Campaigns->Campaigns manager by clicking the pencil icon next to the campaign, go to Commissions settings tab and remove all tiers and disable multi tier commissions: