Add 'Average commissions per click' and 'Conversion ratio' values to campaigns grid

You can display Average commissions per click and Conversion ratio values to your affiliates in the campaigns grid in affiliate panel.

How to do it ? You have to change the view in campaigns grid in affiliate panel. You can set default view which will be automatically displayed to affiliates this way:

and also you can set which values affiliate can see if he edit the view. The view can be changed this way: 

Explanation of all columns in campaign grid in affiliate panel: 

ID - unique campaign ID automatically generated by PAP. It can not be changed. 

Name - name of the campaign define by merchant.

Commissions - value of commissions in particular campaign which affiliate can earn for referred click, sales or any other action. Commissions are define by merchant. 

Status - state of particular campaign. Affiliate can see here if the campaign is active or paused. 

Date added - the date when merchant created the campaign. 

Overwrite cookie - information if overwrite cookie function is enabled or disabled. 
When visitor clicks on affiliate's banner, the information about it is saved into a cookie. If visitor later clicks on the banner of another affiliate, the system can overwrite the previous cookie or not. If cookie is overwritten, then the last affiliate's link clicked by the customer receives the commission. If it is not overwritten, the initial affiliate will receive commission, and later referrals are not registered.

Conversion ratio - this value represents how much commission affiliate earned from clicks. Value is in percentage. 
Conversion ratio = 100 * commission count / number of clicks

Average commission per click - represents how much affiliate earned in average for one click 
Average commission per click = value of commissions / number of clicks

Actions - 'edit campaign' to enter affiliate sale tracking code. This feature has to be enabled by merchant.