How to remove some or all of the "Quick navigation icons"

Sometimes when you are not using some reports or screens you might want to remove their reference from Quick Navigation Icons which are displayed on a few pages of the affiliate panel. These pages are Home, Campaigns and Banners & Links.
To remove all of these icons or some of them you need to log in to your merchant panel and go to Configuration->Design->Affiliate panel theme tab. Here you need to click at Edit theme button next to the theme which you wish your affiliates to use. If the software asks you to create a copy then please create one.

After the Theme editor window is opened search for home.tpl, campaigns_list.tpl and banners.tpl files.

Remove from these files the lines representing the icon which you wish to remove. Here is a list with description of each line which can be removed from these 3 template files:
{widget id="Tutorial" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents Affiliate Panel Tutorial Video
{widget id="MyProfile" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents My profile
{widget id="Reports" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents Reports
{widget id="SignupSubaffiliates" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents Signup Subaffiliates
{widget id="Campaigns" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents Campaigns
{widget id="Banners" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents Banners & Links
{widget id="DirectLinks" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents DirectLink URLs
{widget id="Channels" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents Ad Channels
{widget id="AffLinkProtector" class="SimpleIcon"} - represents AffLinkProtector

Don't forget to save each file after you do changes in it. After you are done with all the changes, you can close the "Theme editor" and click on Set as default button next to the theme which you were editing, or next to the new copy you created. After clicking on "Set as default" confirmation pop up window will appear, notice that there is a checkbox Apply also for existing affiliates there. Check it if you wish to set this theme for all your existing affiliate.

You should Disable the themes in which you haven't done your changes so your affiliates can't switch to those. Of course if you use multiple themes, then you need to do these changes in all of the themes you wish your affiliates to use.

If you wish to remove all the Quick Navigation Icons then for example in Dash theme and home.tpl you would need to remove this whole section:
<div class="Dash_FormFieldset">
    <div class="FormFieldsetHeader">
        <div class="FormFieldsetHeaderTitle">##Quick Navigation Icons##</div>
        <div class="FormFieldsetHeaderDescription"></div>
  <div class="IconsPanel">
      {widget id="Tutorial" class="SimpleIcon"}
      {widget id="MyProfile" class="SimpleIcon"}
      {widget id="Reports" class="SimpleIcon"}
      {widget id="SignupSubaffiliates" class="SimpleIcon"}
      {widget id="Campaigns" class="SimpleIcon"}
      {widget id="Banners" class="SimpleIcon"}
      {widget id="DirectLinks" class="SimpleIcon"}