How to change view of reports for merchant panel

This article shows you:

How to display (enable/disable) grid cells that contain transaction data types

In the merchant panel, on the left side (depends on what theme is currently in use for your account) you can find a lot of different sections where you can get right into the important reports and overviews. Each report has its own view settings (records per page, displayed and non-displayed transaction data types) which you can change.

The example below shows how to change a view the way of checking or unchecking checkboxes right next to the data type names.

Go to the following sections: Transactions -> Commissions -> hit Edit View button (pencil) in the right upper corner of the window. The location of that pencil is the same for every section. 

Then the 'Edit view' window appears. For one report you can create more views which you can save under a custom name.

Then you can choose from the created views easily based on your current need.


How to display your own or pre-defined affiliate details in the selected view

Go to Configuration -> Affiliate signup -> Fields:

here you can find available fields with their own codes, names, etc. More info about ## can be found in this article. The codes are used by the system for correct field identification. You can set any name for those fields that can be visible on your signup page (it's on your decision) and also as transaction data types in your overviews. 

EXAMPLE1-4 fields are set as mandatory in order to display it on the signup page and logically also in the Affiliate Manager section (Edit View).

EXAMPLE5-6 fields have the status "Disabled" which means those fields won't be visible and used at all. There are 8 available field statuses that you can use based on your requirements. 

The result is as follow:


The specific case you'd probably want additional info about

Go to Reports -> Top affiliates -> Edit view -> scroll down and see data types that you can't enable. The greyed-out squares (red highlighted) tell you that you can't check them until one change. 

Scroll up, find the list box and select the desired group of data types you want to display. 

This is available in your account if your account meets any of those 2 conditions -> 

1) By default, this option is available for all accounts that were created before 2016. 

2) Big accounts with many requests that overload the database. 

If you want to know more about how to change the view of reports for the affiliate panel, feel free to visit THIS PAGE.


An extra customization

Configuration -> Design -> Merchant panel theme -> Edit theme -> Theme editor -> search for the "custom.css" -> define your own style

More info about how to work with templates you can find HERE.


Additional options in Post Affiliate NETWORK

As NETWORK Owner you can decide, whether it's allowed for your merchants to manage the view section in their merchant accounts. You can prohibit adding/removing data types, saving new views, or removing them. 

In your merchant panel go to Tools -> Roles -> select the desired role -> Privileges -> find "Grid view" -> choose the most suitable setting.



1. Is the number of views limited? 
> No, you can have as many views as you need. 

2. Is the "Grid view" change made for a specific role (in PAN) applied to every merchant under that role?
> Yes, every merchant under the role in question, is affected by this change.

3. Do I (NETWORK Owner) have an option to set default and allowed view (grid cells) for merchant users?
> No, at this moment you can't decide about which transaction data types (one by one) are available for merchant users to choose from.