API communicates with PAP through JSON requests. It needs first to create the request as list of all parameters, then it transforms it into a JSON request that is sent to Post Affiliate Pro. Various classes in the API uses the Gpf_Rpc_Params object to pass it between them self. Gpf_Rpc_Server finally constructs the JSON using this Gpf_Rpc_Params.

This object is used almost exclusively by other classes internally and user usually does not need to work with this object. However, sometimes you might need to work with it.

Gpf_Rpc_Params($params = null)
$params - create object with parameters in $params. Default is null. If $params is not supplied then new blank stdClass is used.

create($className, $methodName, $formRequest, $formResponse) - create object with class $className, using method $methodName. Default method is 'execute'. The request can be either normal request of form request. Both $formRequest and $formResponse have default value false.
setArrayParams(array $params) - sets values of the object from array.
exists($name) - checks if the specific parameter exists.
get($name) - retrieves the value of parameter if it exists. It will return null otherwise.
set($name,value) - change existing parameter to a new value. It does nothing if the parameter does not already exist.
add($name,value) - add new parameter with a value.
getClass() - returns name of the class. This is a shortcut method for $this->get('C');
getMethod() - returns name of the method. This is a shortcut method for $this->get('M');
getSessionId() - return the session id. This is a shortcut method for $this->get('S');
clearSessionId() - removes the session id from the request
getAccountId() - returns account id
toObject() - returns parameters as object.
toText() - this method is not implemented. It will throw exception "Unimplemented".