How to edit minisite (default Post Affiliate Pro page for your affiliates)

Here you can find the proper explanation, how changing of the texts mentioned on your default affiliate minisite and signup pages can be done.

We will guide you properly, how you can manage such action for yourself anytime in your merchant panel:

  • Your affiliate program "minisite" page ---> (theme file = index.stpl)
  • Your affiliate signup page --------------------> (theme file = signup_form.tpl)

Now, to be able to edit these, you need to navigate to "Configuration" > "Design" > "Signup page theme", there you need to click on button "Edit theme" (usually it's an "August" theme) and system will ask you to create the copy of the default theme first (default themes are not changeable). Just click "OK" and then, basically, you need to find and edit this template files:

index.stpl ---> if you want to edit minisite (*
signup_form.tpl ---> if you want to edit the signup texts (not fields types) *
faq_public.stpl ---> if you want to edit FAQ page *

In next window, on the left side, you can find or pick the theme file, which you want to edit (the ones you were already editing before are shown as first without any searching). After click on it, you can use HTML editor on the right side. Do not be scared about HTML there, you can just easily find the texts, which you want to edit and change them after. I made a couple of screenshots for the better explanation, feel free to check them attached below.


Right after any change in theme, do not forget to click "save" changes + be sure that you have set your edited copy of the theme as default (attached screenshot also). After you do so, just refresh the edit page in your browser to see the changes applied.

Instructions above were about texts but if you would like to customize the fields offered in your signup form, for example, change their types (like "textbox", "number", "checkbox"), you would need to navigate to "Configuration" > "Affiliate signup" > "Fields". There you can customize the names of the fields and their types, also choose to have them or disable some of them. The detailed description of these fields you can check in following knowledgebase article right here: