How to create Custom Page/URL Page

You will need to log into your merchant panel, click Configuration > Affiliate panel > Menu & screens. You will see two options there: Add New Custom Page and Add New URL Page button.

Custom Page

You are able to create new sub-page for Affiliates with your own content. To start click Add New Custom Page. Choose the Icon and create a Title or Description and click Add page.

Now you have an option to add this page to affiliate´s menu by clicking Add to menu. If you want to edit the content of this page click Edit and scroll to the Content section. Here you can see which template have to be edited. In our case it is "custom/my_new_custom_page.tpl" 

To edit this template go to Configuration > Design > Affiliate panel theme > Edit active theme (make a copy if you are asked to) > Search for "custom/my_new_custom_page.tpl" > Open the template and insert a source code of the page. Detailed guide explaining how to work with templates can be found here.




URL page

Use this option if you want to point your affiliates to external webpage. You have an option to show the page in iframe directly in Affiliate´s panel or to redirect them to the specific website.



If you want to translate texts on custom pages, enclose them with ## ## signs (e.g.: ##my custom page##) and add new translation source into your languages. (Here you can see how to add new translation source into language.)
If you want to change whole text content depends on user language, you can use variable: $languagecode and these smarty commands:
{if $languagecode eq 'en-US'}
    This is English content
{elseif $languagecode eq 'pt-BR'}
    This is Portuguese content
{elseif $languagecode eq 'es'}
   This is Spanish content
    Another language content

See example of using: