How to add help text for fields in signup form

The template for signup fields is in accounts\default1\themes\signup\_common_templates\signup_fields.tpl

To add some additional text next to signup fields, follow these instructions and let me know it it worked for you properly:
1. Open the file, find filed you want to add comment and add this (here I am adding form for username):

{widget id="username"}<div styl="display: block; float: left;">This will be your login name.</div>
2. to properly display at the site, you will need to add some classes to custom.css file:
.FormField {
float: left;
margin:1px 0 3px;

html>body .Button {
display: block;
clear: both;
float: left;
word-wrap: break-word;

.FormPanel {
clear: both;
As usually, we recommend to add modified file to your own theme to prevent update process to backup your modified file.

This is the result:

Adding the icon with question mark is not possible - this is widget so it is encoded.