How to display Terms and Conditions in different languages

In your Merchant panel navigate to Start -> Configuration -> Languages & Regional settings -> and click edit on the desired language


Choose the “Translation” tab



Click “Add custom translation”



When the “Add custom translation” window pops up, enter a custom unique identifier to the ‘Source message’ field and into the ‘Translation’ field insert the desired text to be displayed in the particular language. After that click Save.

 Do this ‘Add translation’ stuff in all the desired languages.



After the above mentioned steps it is time to navigate to Start -> Configuration -> Affiliate Signup -> Terms & conditions

Here you enter the 'source message' between ##  ## signs. This ensures the translated text to be displayed when viewing the signup page in the particular language.

Now let’s display the Singup page in different language.  Navigate to Start  -> Configuration -> Languages & Regional settings -> click edit on the desired language  and under the “Language metadata” tab check out the ‘Code’ field.

The language “Code” has to be appended after the signup page URL as ?l=CODE, where after ? is a small L.

E.g.:  https://URL_TO_PostAffiliatePro/affiliates/signup.php?l=sk
('sk' is the language code of Slovak translation)

Let’s see how it works out for the different translations:

Signup page in the default language (as for me it is English)

Signup page in a custom language (now e.g. in Slovak)