Available types of affiliate fields

Each affiliate profile field can be set a type and a status under "Configuration" > "Affiliate Signup" > "Fields". Below you can find more detailed explanation of the field types and statuses.

Field type:

  • Textbox: is the classic input field which accepts simple short text. The content is limited to 255 characters. 
  • Textarea: similar input like the textbox, however it accepts longer content - 65 535 characters.
  • Number: essentially a textbox however it accepts only numbers.
  • Checkbox: a simple checkbox like in any other form.
  • Checkboxes: a group of multiple checkboxes. You can add the individual checkboxes using the "Edit available values" option where you'd add new line separated labels for each checkbox. If this field is set as required then at least one of the checkboxes has to be checked.
  • Listbox: a drop down list with available values where just one can be selected.
  • Radiobuttons: different design of a listbox where all options are directly visible and you can choose only one.
  • Email: if you want to force your future affiliates to specify an email address, you can choose this option. It is a textbox which accepts only an email address.
  • Date picker: allows your affiliates to select a specific date and year.
  • Date time picker: the same as date picker, but affiliate can also specify time.
  • List of countries: essentially a listbox with countries. You can choose which countries are available.
  • File uploader: with this field type affiliates are able to upload a file into a field. Maximum file size is 1MB and allowed extensions are jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, txt, pdf, doc, docx, csv.

Field status:

  • Mandatory: this status means that the input is required and must be filled in.
  • Optional: optional field can remain empty, it is not needed to fill it in.
  • Optional not in signup: field with this status will not be visible on the sign up page, however the affiliate will be able to fill/change it later in the editing of their profile, it can be left empty.
  • Read only: field is editable only by a merchant / administrator however it is still visible to affiliate while editing the profile. So the affiliate can see the value but it is not able to change it.
  • Writable only in signup: field with this status can be filled in by the affiliate only once during the signup. The merchant is able to edit this field also later.
  • Hidden: the affiliate can not see this field on the signup, neither in the editing profile. However a merchant / administrator is able to see the field when editing an affiliate and is also able to change its value.
  • Disabled: field will not be used

On the following screenshots you can see some examples, first screenshot is from settings in merchant area: 


On the second screenshot you can see how it actually looks like on the sign up page displayed to new potential affiliates: 


  • Referral ID = ID of your choice which is used in your affiliate links. It can be up to 128 characters long e.g. johnnybravo.
  • Parent affiliate = Parent affiliate is the Referral ID of affiliate who told you about this program, it should be set as "Optional" by default, since the affiliate is not always able to know, who referred them to affiliate program.