How to keep only login/signup forms on your mini-site

A lot of customers are asking how to remove/deactivate every page of the mini-site except for the login and signup forms. This requirement can be easily achieved with a simple JavaScript placed in the header of your mini-site which basically redirects the visitor to these forms regardless of the page he would like to reach.

In your Merchant panel navigate to Configuration --> Design --> Signup page theme --> Edit the Active theme (create a copy if the panel prompts you) --> Search for "header.stpl" --> Edit the template --> Insert the following script to the very first line:

if (window.location.href.indexOf('login.php') === -1 && window.location.href.indexOf('signup.php') === -1) {

Do not forget to replace SUB_DOMAIN with your PostAffiliatePro account's subdomain. Save the template and set the customized theme as the default one. Once the script is applied, affiliates and merchants will be able to reach only the login and signup forms.

Further options

Keeping the Home menu option in the header and hyperlinks to Sample or FAQ pages in the footer might be confusing for visitors as they won´t be able to reach the content.

  1. In order to remove Home from the header, edit the "Account_topmenu.stpl" template and remove the following line:

  2. <li><a href="{$baseUrl}/">##Home##</a></li> // There are 2 lines like this to remove
  3. To edit or completely remove the footer, find the "footer.stpl" template.
  4. And if you wish to customize or remove signup information under your signup form, edit the "signup_form.tpl" template.

Once you are done with all modifications, your default PostAffiliatePro mini-site should look like the following:


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