Affiliate Campaigns Plugin

This plugin enables the {$affiliatecampaigns}  variable in the EMAIL templates. This variable will contain an associative array of all campaigns the particular affiliate can see, so all the public campaigns and Private Campaigns (in which affiliate is approved) which have some commission set up and which are not stopped.
Here is an example of how you can use it in your emails: in these campaigns:
{foreach from=$affiliatecampaigns item=campaign}
Name: {$}
Description: {$campaign.description}
Example output: in these campaigns:
Name: campaign1
Description: This is my first campaign
Name: campaign2
Description: This is my second campaign
Name: campaign3
Description: This is my third campaign
Other variables that you can use in $campaign.PROPERTY_NAME:
  • campaignid - id of the campaign
  • rtype - type of the campaign
  • rstatus - status of the campaign
  • namename of the campaign
  • descriptiondescription of the campaign
  • dateinserted - the date when the campaign was created
  • isdefault - Y if campaign is the default one, or N if it is not
  • logourl - url of the logo image of the campaign
  • validfrom - the date the campaign is valid from
  • validto - the date until the campaign is valid
  • accountid - account id, where the campaign belongs