HubSpot user synchronization

The HubSpot user synchronization plugin allows you to create contacts in your HubSpot and add them to specific lists. The contacts are updated as fields of affiliates are updated. Contacts are removed from list if their status changes to one which is not allowed in the configuration and the contact can also be completely deleted when affiliate is deleted.

You can activate and configure the plugin from your merchant panel Configuration->Plugins screen.

API key - you must enter your HubSpot API key for the plugin to work. You can see this HubSpot article to find out where to find the API key.

List IDs - you can use rule definitions to add affiliates into specific lists only if their profile field is equal or not equal to a defined value. Let's explain how you can define the lists on the example from the screenshot above:


A definition like the above one can be translated like this:

  • add all affiliates with status defined under Affiliates in list to HubSpot lists identified by their IDs 1, 2, 3
  • if the affiliate's data10 field is set to "value", add the affiliate also to list identified by ID 4
  • if the affiliate's data10 field is NOT set to "value", add this affiliate to list identified by ID 5
  • if the affiliate's data11 field is set to "differentvalue" add the affiliate to lists identified by IDs 6, 7 and 8

List IDs must be comma separated and the rule definition is separated from list IDs by a semicolon (;). The rule itself can use equal (=) and not equal (!=) operators. You can get the affiliate profile fields codes for the rules from Configuration->Affiliate signup->Fields.

You can get the list ID of any list in HubSpot by visiting it and looking at the URL address. It will have this format

Affiliates in list - select whether only Approved affiliates can be added to lists, or Approved and Pending affiliates or affiliates with any status. Affiliates are removed from lists if their status changes to one not enabled in this setting.

Delete customer - check if you want to completely delete the affiliate contact from HubSpot when affiliate is deleted.